TEN GREAT REASONS TO MOVE TO PIKE COUNTY... The Diamond of the Pocono Mountains

  • Taxes are lower! Overall, property taxes in Pike County are less than in adjacent states, and there are no taxes on senior retirement incomes.
  • You get more for your money! Your dollar will buy more land and more house in Pike County than in adjacent states.
  • Excellent property values! For the newcomer, the cost of purchasing or building a home in Pike County is less than in many nearby areas, yet, with enhanced property values that are on the rise, sellers also benefit.
  • A superior school system! Ninety percent of Delaware Valley graduates go on to higher education.
  • Business opportunities! Pike is the fastest growing county in Pennsylvania. With the growing population comes a growing need for goods & professional services. Your business could grow & flourish in Pike County.
  • Open land & abundant natural beauty! Approximately 33% of Pike County is State or Federal Forest/Game Land. Forests, mountains, streams, waterfalls, and wildlife; these are the things that give Pike County its unique quality of a place to live with room to breathe.
  • Proximity to the New York Metropolitan Area! Pike County is just 70 miles from the Metro Area. Well maintained roads and excellent train and bus connections make getting there easy.
  • Qualified professionals doing their professional best! Local & national real estate agencies, builders, developers, skilled trades people, & service professionals, as well as financial institutions eager to finance your endeavors all make relocating to Pike County easy.
  • Quaint towns & villages and progressive community developments! Whether youre after the sleek efficiency of a new home or you are delighted by the warmth and charm of historic architecture, youll find it in Pike County.
  • Community spirit! Pike County is a welcoming place where everybody can feel at home. Communities do their best to promote the common good.
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